About Blue Star Creations

All of the beads I use in my jewelry are made of natural substances: semi-precious gems, stone, amber, jet, wood, clay, metal or unique glass beads. Most of my necklaces are hand knotted on silk cord. Upon request, I will string a necklace on either knotted nylon cord or wire. Most of my fully beaded necklaces include a matching pair of earrings. All of my fully beaded pendant pieces are unique - I never exactly duplicate any of these pieces. All of my earrings are on gold fill, sterling silver or surgical steel wires. Screw posts are available upon request.

I love tailoring a piece to fit a customer's individual style, so custom orders are always welcome.

Custom birthstone necklaces make great gifts for mothers and grandmothers (wives and sweethearts too.)

If you live in the SanFrancisco/SanJose Bay Area and are interested in hosting a Home Show, please contact me for details.

Patricia McCollum Maloney

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Background and History:

Bluestar Creations was formed in 1989. The name is derived from my husband's love of astronomy and my love for the color blue.  Bluestar Creations is not affiliated with any organization, religion or region.